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Save Effort:

Anchorpanel is a perfect match with both HUD-code homes and Modular (model code) homes. The panels can simply “wrap” around the home perimeter.

Modular homes are most efficiently installed like the HUD-code method shown, providing they can be properly supported (at least temporarily) by an arrangement of interior supports. Alternatively, Modulars can be installed conventionally, after the Anchorpanel perimeter is first set into place using a guide (see SITE-BUILT Page), or they can install more efficiently without a crane, similar to a manufactured home (see Modular Home Sequence). "On frame" modulars can install exactly as a manufactured home.


The most efficient factory-home installation method.
HUD-compliant, ICC-tested, and Model-Code Permitted!

Please see our downloads for the off-frame modular-home sequence




Panels being hung from a set home.

“Wrapping” the home avoids most of the difficult, frustrating work of building a foundation, or of trying to fit a home to an already-built foundation. Let the panels simply copy the home footprint. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

In addition, by using Anchorpanel, the home units can also be set up more easily (less expensively) because there is no foundation in the way. Tow the first unit right into the prepared site and level it, then marry the second unit to it. The interior supports can be any type that are approved by the manufacturer and local building authorities.


Save Time:

Besides being faster than any other type of perimeter foundation construction, Anchorpanel requires only one construction inspection! How many inspections does your jurisdiction require for a grouted-block foundation: 4...5? How much delay (cost) does this add to your project?

As soon as the home units are in place, the Anchorpanels can be hung onto the perimeter while utility work etc is being done underneath (see OVERVIEW for the panel installation). The panel bottoms are cast into concrete that is pumped into the trench. The panels are checked for plumb, and as the concrete sets, you have created a permanent perimeter foundation, already attached very securely to the home!


Adding footing concrete to panels that are hung

from an in-place home


Panels can backfill three feet.



a stout grade beam spreads out

concentrated forces from above or below

Be Secure:

The Anchorpanel permanent perimeter foundation takes care of all wind anchoring, seismic bracing, and even flood requirements (
see TECHNICAL). It meets engineering requirements for all building codes in the US, and therefore for all the lenders as well.

A continuous line of lag-screw attachment stoutly anchors the home to the foundation along exterior wall lines, providing a much better connection to the home than typical steel floor beams have; these beams being the point of attachment in common tie-down and pier-brace systems. In other words, with Anchorpanel your home is braced in the same sensible manner as site-built homes are, except that Anchorpanel is many times stronger and better attached than a plywood-sheared wall is.

The Anchorpanel system uses the perimeter enclosure, which is requires anyway, both to brace the home against disasters and to support the building perimeter. In combination with the concrete footing below and the attachment to the home above, the Anchorpanel perimeter serves as a deep I-beam that can distribute concentrated loads, minimizing uneven settlement.



More on Anchorpanel with manufactured and modular home installations:
(Please see SYSTEM OVERVIEW for a panel installation summary and TECHNICAL for more specifics and detail on the panel installation)

Model-Code modular homes that install "on-frame" (that retain the steel frame underneath) can install identically to a HUD-Code manufactured home, explained below. Modular homes that install "off-frame" can install similarly to a manufactured home, without using a crane, providing that the steel frame is not the full width of each home unit. If the removable frame is similar to a manufactured home frame, the installation sequence for the home using the Anchorpanel perimeter is explained in our "Modular Home Sequence" pdf download file on our technology/downloads page



The site is of course properly prepared for the home installation, preferably including digging a perimeter footing trench at this time. Interior supports that are of concrete pads are formed at this time; manufactured pads can be installed as the home is being set. The interior supports, and stabilization of the home during this process, are provided according to the manufacturer’s and local jurisdiction requirements, and are independent of the Anchorpanel permanent perimeter foundation.


The perimeter system can be used with any

manufacturer-approved interior supports.


The home units can be towed right over the perimeter trench (which can be filled with firewood to prevent caving in). A bigger issue is the change in grade required in creating the pit for a low set home. Usually a low set is roughly half-dug and half-backfilled, to minimize work and improve drainage. Our panels can be backfilled up to 3’high for manufactured homes.

Many homes do not exactly correspond to their published dimensions, especially where the footprint is more complex than a rectangle. Because Anchorpanel simply copies the in-place home, this issue doesn’t matter anymore. The system has installed with many homes having up to 22 corners without any problem.


Panels follow a low set, matching garage height.


The Anchorpanel system works for any site that a home setup crew will tackle. A custom set of panels delivered to the jobsite saves so much time consuming work that would have to be done under difficult conditions. No laying out the geometry of foundation walls. No more creating multiple steps of foundation wall, then awkwardly fitting a ponywall and/or home to it.


An inset porch will get concrete against the panels.


The Anchorpanel system simplifies sloping sites.



Decks easily and cleanly attach to the panels.

A low-set manufactured home in the desert.



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