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What We Do:

We fabricate a custom set of panels to match any particular home set, within limitations, and can have those panels delivered to your jobsite. We provide relevant construction details and we are available for technical support regarding your panel installation, but please review the installation instructions download first. We are happy to mail it, along with a DVD, if you like.

What We Don't Do:

We do not provide any site evaluation to determine the suitability of this or any conventional foundation for a particular site. This evaluation needs to be made by the appropriately knowledgeable person to determine if this or any conventional foundation is suitable for the building site in question.


Our foundation panels have been thoroughly tested and found to be entirely safe for carrying multi-story loads with backfill in any seismic zone.

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Narrated Videos of Various Anchorpanel® Foundation Projects

Anchorpanel Hillside Manufactured Home Install
This shows how the Anchorpanel foundation system readily adapts to site slopes. It can be produced in an array of panel lengths that is generated by our software to match sloping grades.
Anchorpanel Wood Frame Floor
For site-built construction, the easiest sequence for the Anchorpanel foundation is to frame the floor first, then hang the panels from that rim-joist before casting them into the concrete footing.


Anchorpanel Low Set Manufactured Home
The Anchorpanel foundation is very well suited to any manufactured-home perimeter foundation,a s it easily assures a perfect fit to any home and site, and has reserve strength for soil-backfill, seismic and wind loads - even for multi-story homes.

Anchorpanel for Retrofit
The Anchorpanel foundation was invented for this application, as it significantly avoids effort, does not need the home to be raised and lowered, and provides superior seismic strength.

Anchorpanel Steel Frame Foundation
Of course the Anchorpanel foundation is a match to steel framing, though it has a G210 galvanizing that is several times more than that of normal galvanized steel.

Anchorpanel Technical Information
Provides some basic installation and engineering information on the foundation system, primarily addressing its use with manufactured homes. This includes specifics on panel layout given particular footprints and site slopes. There are slides of technical drawings, which can be downloaded from this site, or hard copies mailed to you (along with more detailed info). [TI-SS_web1.wmv | 2.5Mb]


Please contact us for high resolution hard copies.

Site-Built Homes

Stick-Built Home Foundations
A 2-page brochure presenting general and procedural information on applying the efficient Anchorpanel method to crawlspace foundations for stick-built homes, one or two story. [Stick-Built.pdf | 400Kb]

Retrofit Foundations 
A 2-page brochure with introductory information on cost effectively utilizing the Anchorpanel system for retrofitting the perimeter foundation of older site-built homes on outdated post and pier supports. Homes receiving these retrofits meet Model Building codes and so typically can qualify for conventional mortgages. [Retrofit.pdf | 370Kb]

Manufactured Homes (also relevant to Modular Home foundations.)

Overview of the System as used with Manufactured Homes HTML version- (Click Here)

Presents the Anchorpanel foundation in a technical yet simple format. This is presently our best overview of the system, and has informative benefit beyond use manufactured homes. [MH_TechOverview.pdf | 400Kb]


Low-Set Manufactured Homes

Shows various examples and the procedure for using the Anchorpanel foundation for the low-set (pit-set) of manufactured homes. The front side presents photos illustrating visual benefits of a low-set, and the back has some technical drawings and info on the panel installation. [MH_LowSet.pdf | 260Kb]


Manufactured Home Foundations Introduction

Our first brochure on the use of Anchorpanel with manufactured homes. It highlights the benefits of using the Anchorpanel perimeter over conventional construction. [MH_Intro.pdf | 380Kb]


Modular Homes

Modular Home Sequence HTML version- (Click Here)

This document illustrates an efficient sequence for installing a modular home with the Anchorpanel perimeter foundation, where a crane is not required for setting the home. [MOD_SEQ.pdf | 269Kb] 


COMPLIANCE  DOCUMENTS (which we'll gladly mail to you for better quality!)

Code Compliance Documents for Manufactured Housing

California MH Foundation Standard Plan Approval  

Our State of California Standard Plan Approval for a Permanent Foundation for manufactured homes. This is the document you need to apply for a permit for a permanent-foundation installation of a manufactured home with the Anchorpanel foundation in all jurisdictions in California (to satisfy form 433A). Homes installed to this standard also satisfy the loading design criteria of both the CA Earthquake Resisting Bracing System and Tiedown System. This download is 3 pages of 8.5" x 11" printable format. The third page is only for flood zone installations. The first 2 pages are all that is required for non-flood zone installations.  [MH_CA_SPA-25.pdf | 924Kb]


Idaho State Approval

Our Approval for the State of Idaho for a permanent foundation for manufactured homes, meeting FHA-Lender requirements. This approval allows installations where snow loads are up to 200 pounds per square foot. Our general state approval for all MH installations is in process.  [MH_ID_SPA.pdf | 360Kb]


Nevada State Approval  

Our State of Nevada Standard Plan Approval for a permanent foundation for manufactured homes. This document shows the local jurisdictions that this foundation system has been reviewed and approved by the state. Local jurisdictions may also require a conventional building permit regarding specific site issues. Homes installed to this standard meet the 2012 IRC and IBC, and also satisfy the load design criteria for seismic or wind loads throughout Nevada. This download is split into two halves of the 11 x 17 original.  [MH_NV_SPA-14.pdf | 424Kb]



Texas Manufactured Home Foundation Design

The design document for our Texas State approval of the Anchorpanel Foundation as a Stabilizing System for manufactured homes, expiring 06/06/15. This approval covers the entire state, with the exception that single-wide units are not included within 1500 feet of the Gulf coast. You need this document along with the Texas Certification (MH_TX_CERT.pdf) below to apply for a permit for an installation of a manufactured home with the Anchorpanel foundation. This download is split into two halves of the 11 x 17 original.  [MH_TX_SPA-15.pdf | 320Kb]


Texas Manufactured Home Stabilizing System Certification

This is the Texas Certification of the Anchorpanel foundation for permanent installations of manufactured homes according to Texas requirements. This document corresponds to our Texas foundation design document above. This state approval is valid until October 2015.  [MH_TX_CERT.pdf | 320Kb]



Gulf States Certification -   Louisiana  Mississippi       Alabama

These documents are for home installations in the Gulf States, provide a design that complies with the International Residential Code and International Building Code (IRC/IBC), and the HUD code for installations of manufactured homes in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, for wind speeds up to 140 mph, exposure C. The documents are identical for all states, except the Engineer’s seal affixed is that for each respective state.

[MH_LA_SPA.pdf | 370Kb], [MH_MI_SPA.pdf | 610Kb], [MH_AL_SPA.pdf | 365Kb]


FEMA-85 Multi-Hazard Mitigating Foundation Design

The 4-page document for our compliance with the newly revised FEMA-85 Multi-Hazard-Mitigation foundation design for manufactured homes. The installation of the Anchorpanel perimeter is engineered to meet the criteria of FEMA-85, according to the most recent draft rewrite of that standard. Our compliance is for double-wide homes in type A non-coastal flood zones, for flooding up to 5 feet deep and at up to 5 feet per second velocity, and for winds up to 140 mph. Our system can safely support homes outside of these parameters, such as single-wide in deeper floods, etc, but specific engineering calculation and design is then required to address that installation. [MH_FEMA-85.pdf | 524Kb]


Code Compliance Documents for Modular Housing

Note: Most building jurisdictions require site-specific engineering approval for modular home installations.


This is our document for compliance with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency design for state sponsored modular housing units built to replace homes destroyed by hurricane Katrina. This foundation design meets all MEMA requirements including the new 150 mph wind design requirement.

[MH_MEMA.pdf | 310Kb]


Code Compliance Documents for Commercial Modular Buildings

California CM Foundation Standard Plan Approval
Our State of California Standard Plan Approval for a permanent foundation for Commercial Modular buildings, expiring 06/14/07. This is the document you need to apply for a permit for an installation of a commercial modular building with the Anchorpanel foundation in all jurisdictions in California. This download is split into two halves of the 11 x 17 original. [CM_CA_SPA-07.pdf | 326Kb]


Code Compliance Documents for Model Building Code Construction

International Code Council Evaluation Report, Testing and Calculation Results
A 4-page document containing pertinent data on the Anchorpanel Foundation System ICC Evaluation Report in progress (ER file # 06-08-11). Page one is a draft version of the table of allowable loads, based upon the lowest results of either Building Code structural calculation (all Model Codes) or a full-scale destructive testing regime according to ASTM E-72 (modified to be more severe). Page 2 is a table of those test results. Page 3 is an illustration of the array of panel specimens tested. Page 4 is the panel installation diagram for the draft Evaluation Report. [ICC-ER_Data.pdf | 420Kb]


Lender / Underwriter Requirement Compliance Documents for Manufactured Housing

FHA-HUD Compliance Foundation Design
The Anchorpanel foundation design and installation document that, along with supporting calculations, has been reviewed by HUD and the engineering department of FHA and found to comply with the HUD Handbook 4930.3 Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing dated 9/96, and therefore meet FHA Lender requirements (see HUD.Memo.pdf below). [FHA_Design.pdf | 316Kb]


FHA-HUD Compliance Foundation Memorandum

This document, dated 2/28/05, is from the engineering department of FHA, where it has been determined that the Anchorpanel foundation system complies with the HUD standards described above, and therefore is eligible for FHA permanent mortgage financing. [HUD_Memo.pdf | 316Kb]


USDA Rural Housing Lender Compliance

This document, dated 2/28/05, is from the engineering department of FHA, where it has been determined that the Anchorpanel foundation system complies with the HUD standards described above, and therefore is eligible for FHA permanent mortgage financing. [USDA_Rural.pdf | 65Kb]


INSTALLATION  DOCUMENTS (which we'll gladly mail to you for better quality!)

Technical Information for Installing the Anchorpanel Foundation onto Manufactured Homes.

Please note that this information is also relevant to the installation of the Anchorpanel system for modular (model code), site-built, and panelized home construction. Information specific to these applications is forthcoming.

Ordering the Anchorpanel Foundation for Manufactured Homes

A one-page text document with information you need to order the Anchorpanel system for your foundation project. [Ordering_Anchorpanel_MH.pdf | 316Kb]


Ordering and Installing the Anchorpanel Foundation for Manufactured Homes

A 10-page text document with diagrams and information on installing the Anchorpanel system. This document is not to be considered training material for those who are not already familiar with construction practices. [Installing_Anchorpanel_MH.pdf | 232Kb]


Installation Diagrams for Manufactured Housing Foundations

This file is 4 pages of the same diagrams that are on the Installation text (above). These are better quality diagrams than those on that text document. [Installation_Diagrams.pdf | 275Kb]


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