Fast Track Foundation Systems and the Anchorpanel Permanent Perimeter Foundation
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Anchorpanel® for Retrofit Foundations

Anchorpanel is a dream technology for the retrofitting old foundations. It simply follows the existing perimeter footprint of the structure and locks it in place.

No forming. ..No framing. ..No ponywall making.

Cast-in-place panels provide superior seismic strength (for a lot less money).

Existing structures don't have to be raised or lowered or ... Simply attach the panels and pump concrete in the trench. UBC and IBC/IRC conformance.

Of course the Anchorpanel system is perfectly suitable for retrofitting manufactured home foundations, allowing the homeowner to obtain affordable financing, provide protection from storms and earthquakes, improve drainage away from the home, and increase energy efficiency.

1. Hang Panels


The Anchorpanel perimeter foundation is a fantastically simple way to retrofit an existing building, be it an old Victorian, or a manufactured home that needs to become real estate. This panel method minimizes foundation labor anyway, and it really saves where the working conditions are difficult. It saves more, because the slender panels avoid interference with temporary “pipe post” supports at the building perimeter, avoiding blockouts for cribbing, etc, etc (see TECHNICAL). And it saves even more because Anchorpanel does not require a building to be jacked up and set back down!


2. Pump Concrete


Seismic retrofit required? High wind zones? How about a panel system that is International Code Council Evaluation Service tested, proving seismic resistance many times that of plywood shear walls? A system that meets all dwelling building codes, for all wind and seismic zones. A system that costs less, in both materials and especially labor! And you are not using it already?


3. Perimeter Foundation


Look at the results!

"I specialize in foundation retrofits of older homes originally built onto posts and piers. The Anchorpanel foundation is faster than all my other retrofit options and around half the cost. It meets the seismic zone four requirements. Lenders, insurers, and building officials have always approved it. From my perspective it is the only retrofit option, unless you want to throw money away."

Andy Harney, Foundation Contractor
Fort Bragg, CA


“I recently had to retrofit a perimeter foundation under my existing manufactured home, in order to qualify for a low-interest loan. I was totally stunned by the low cost, high speed, and especially the absolute rock-solid feeling the system brought to my entire home. I emphatically recommend Anchorpanel to anyone! When I retire from PG&E I want to go out and sell this stuff!"

David Wylie, Home Owner, Pacific Gas and Electric Supervisor
Mendocino, CA

Anchorpanel lends itself to the addition of color, texture, deck ledgers and other attachments.


An ANCHORPANEL low-cost retrofit foundation in progress.


High and low foundation walls are equally easy.


A two-story hexagonal tower needs help.


The ANCHORPANEL solution as a cement-coat is drying.



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